Liberty and Peace

Birth of Adam

Principles of an orderly society
1. Defined group boundaries
2. Rules appropriate to local needs
3. Those affected can participate in rule making

Liberty is a result of a free people taking charge of their future in a sustainable manner that allows respect and equality for all. When you leave this planet, leave it as a garden of eden and not as a garbage dump, war zone, or uninhabitable. The purpose of this book is to provide liberty and justice for all, by defining guidelines of what countries can and can not do. All persons are created equal and are endowed with unalienable rights. These include the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Free speech is very important as is respect for privacy. Clothing is optional. Society provides both benefits and protections, but also requires responsibility and mechanisms to prevent abuse. Everyone has an innate goodness which needs to be encouraged.

Human Needs
The necessities of life - clean air, drinkable water, healthy food, clothing, shelter, medical assistance, dental care, education, entertainment, and a worthwhile endeavor must be available as required to all persons regardless of their means. Personal ownership and personal reward are wonderful incentives for development, but they are not sufficient, and where they fail, society needs to step in and help. While some variation in wealth is permissible, class distinctions are not. A common world economy dictates equal pay for equal work by everyone everywhere, and must be demanded. All unemployed should receive a fellowship, paid for by the net benefit to society.

Political Decisions
All decisions within a political boundary are by consensus or by vote of the adult citizens (by birth or naturalization) of that region. Political officials are elected by majority vote to serve at the pleasure of the voters, and for the convenience of administration. Any time approval ratings fall below 50% a review of the problem is clearly needed. All decisions, and adoptions of the United Nations are to be accepted unless they do not adhere to these guidelines.

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Birth of Venus

4. Local rules are respected by outside authorities
5. Behavioral monitoring carried out by community members
6. Graduated sanctions for rule violations

Protection and Respect for the Environment
Extinction lasts forever. It is necessary to respect the habitat of all species in a manner that is harmonious with their natural development and protection. Threats to the environment must be addressed unequivocally. The earth has had five major mass extinctions in its history and at this writing is in the middle of a sixth. It is important to take steps whenever necessary to protect endangered species.

Political Boundaries
All persons must be free to cross any boundary at will, just as are the birds of the air, with only minor restrictions, such as population control and protection of habitat, and with notification of entry if needed. Boundaries are established for convenience of identification, such as island nations, cultural, ethnic, social, language and heritage groupings. Religion is not recommended as a reason for boundary as all persons and every government must respect all religions or lack of religion.

Disaster Relief
There is food for the hungry, water for the thirsty, and shelter for the poor. Where fire burns oxygen comes to its aid. Human resources are very great and human needs are very small. Anytime there is a disaster, the region needs to receive aid as quickly and as generally as possible. There is no excuse for letting an area go without repair for as long as New Orleans did after hurricane Katrina. With rising sea levels from global warming we can expect many coastal areas to require repair or abandonment. Glacial periods and colonization of outer space will also bring their own special challenges.

Disease Control
Stopping the spread of infectious diseases is a top priority, especially with increased travel. It requires early identification, such as required testing for HIV prior to marriage or other expected sexual activity. It may involve quarantine, inoculation or temporary travel restrictions, as well as other necessary measures, including availability of condoms.

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Vitruvian Man

7. Accessible and timely, low cost dispute resolution
8. Nested tiers of responsibility from the local level up to the universe
9. Effective, private, secure communication
10. Maintain a verifiable expectation of trust

Energy Sources
Sun, water, wind and tide, along with the warmth of the earth provide ample energy sources for all of our needs. Other more harmful energy sources are not recommended.

Use of Force
All persons must be treated with respect and dignity by everyone, and without prejudice. Use of deadly force is never authorized. Torture, or threat of torture, infliction of pain, either physical or mentally, is prohibited without exception. Persons may be detained only for the purpose of rehabilitation. Unjust laws are self-defeating. Specifically, use, distribution and cultivation of marijuana is not a crime. Alcohol and tobacco and other abused substances may not be advertised or promoted, as doing so would increase their use. They as well may not be prohibited, as prohibition would simply lead to lawlessness. Other harmful substances such as methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin must be restricted and abusers helped to lose their addiction. Non life threatening gambling is not recommended but not prohibited.

Public and Private Communications
All official capacity communications of elected public officials are by definition public and may not be hidden from any person in a timely manner. All private communications should preferably be encrypted using public key cryptography to insure that the communication is in fact private and discernible only to the intended recipient. This includes e-mail and telephone.

Personal Responsibility
In addition to taking care of myself by eating right, living right, exercising and reading, I accept personal responsibility for the world around me. Each of us has tremendous power. By daily choosing what we cooperate with and not, by deliberately withdrawing cooperation, we can achieve permanent and perpetual peace, and move from a society defended by threats to a society defended by cooperation. I pledge to help see that take place.

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